Glean 1, Autumn 2023

Essay by Makenzy Orcel

Guest Editor

GLEAN invited artist Hamedine Kane to contribute to this issue as a Guest Editor, inviting two writers and introducing the work of a fellow artist. Kane invited Haitian writer Makenzy Orcel.

Hamedine Kane invites Makenzy Orcel

Every image possesses its own night, its double, its infinite. But where does this infinity begin? The first glimmers of its foundation, the place where time draws its breath, its flow, its form, the possibilities to which it stretches and which it exhausts, endlessly. Memories are its most fertile catch. Not a day goes by that I don’t conjure up a string of them. The most beautiful one is of a child who speaks to the sun, the wind and the trees, saying ‘make me love you again tomorrow’. B (…)

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